Yesterday, my husband decided to burn a pile of tree trimmings. Yeah, that’s right, country folk have burn piles. If we wanted to make it fancy, we could call it a bonfire and dance around it.
Anyway, he started the fire, and a little blue-striped garter snake ran out from the pile to escape the heat.
Our six-year-old granddaughter was spending the day with us, missing school due to pink eye. She was very excited.
Tom, put some gloves on and caught the little snake and I got a box ready. It was actually a plastic Cascade dishwashing box. It had a nice lid and was plenty big, so the little snake wouldn’t be cramped. I poked holes in the top, Reese (granddaughter) got some grass and we introduced the snake to his new home.
When Rebecca, my daughter-in-law came to get Reese, she took the box with her knowing the other three kids would be excited about the new “pet.”
This morning when I got to their house, the box was sitting on the entry table by the front door. Caleb was the first one up, so I asked how they liked the snake and if they’d fed it anything. I pointed out, if they had not given it something to eat, we would need to set it free today.
He said, “It got out.”
“What? In the house?” I asked.
“No,” Caleb said. “Mom opened the box so we could take a look, and the snake jumped out in her car!!”
They haven’t found it yet.
You’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane…well, we have a…Snake in a Beamer!!

Talkin’ Twang for today:Never get into an argument with an idiot, you’ll just lower yourself to their level and they’ll beat you with experience.

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