There are some definite benefits to living in a small town. Just today, my husband experienced another one.
He was going to gas my car…one of the many things I love about him. Besides, once a woman learns to take out the trash and gas her own car, she’s eliminated two-thirds of the reasons she needs a man in the first place!
Sorry, I digress. Anyway, he went to gas the car and decided he’d pick up supper at a local restaurant while he was out.
Before he left the house, he set a timer and told me when the timer went off to call the order in…yes, there’s a method to his madness. Anyway, he got to the gas station and realized he’d left his wallet at home. However, since there should be an order waiting for pick-up at the restaurant, he went there, got in line, and called our son who lives near-by. He could get him to come and pay for the order. A good idea. Too bad our son wasn’t home.
So, my husband, told the restaurant person of his dilemma. The guy says not to worry. Take the order and we can come back and pay later!!
How great is that? Only in a small town. Life can’t get any better!!

TALKIN’ TWANG: Fat people are harder to kidnap. #redneck#comedy

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