Remember when a refrigerator was an ice box…the hair salon was a beauty shop…a sofa was a couch…and men and women could tease and flirt with each other and nobody filed a sexual harassment suit? I think it was back in the sixties.
Well, during that time, I worked at a drug store…now known as a pharmacy. My boss hired a high school senior, (I’ll call him John) to sweep and clean-up after he got out of school each day. He was a big flirt and loved teasing me. He loved to walk up to me while I was with a customer, shove a dollar bill toward me, and say “This is for last night.” It always got a laugh. Remember, we lived in a small Texas town, so most everyone knew it was a joke.
A few weeks ago, I was back in that small town in a local restaurant and who should come in, but John. I didn’t recognize him. I’d not seen him in forty years. My sister pointed him out and asked if I knew who he was? When she told me, I recalled how he had tormented me. He was sitting alone, so I asked my husband for a dollar.
I went over to his table and placed my hand on his shoulder. When he looked up, I shoved the dollar toward him, and said “This is for last night.”
Everyone turned their attention to us. John’s mouth dropped open. I smiled and said, “Do you remember how you use to do that to me when we worked together?” He couldn’t speak. I don’t think he recognized me either, so I told him who I was. We all got a good laugh.
Now, looking back, I don’t know if I should have been more upset about John embarrassing me in front of people…or the fact he thought I’d only be worth a dollar!

TALKIN’ TWANG: XXX In the #south we say, don’t name a pig you plan to eat.

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