We all forget things now and then. As we get older, it seems to happen more often. Personally, I think we set ourselves up to forget. We say, let me write that down, so I won’t forget. Telling ourselves we will forget, unless we note it. I’ve found, if I tell myself I WON’T forget to do something, chances are, I won’t.
The problem I have with remembering is I’m having to do it for two. My husband can’t remember a lot of things, yet depends on me to remember for him. I’ve shared my theory with him. He says he’d really like to put it into practice, but can’t recall the theory when he needs it!
He loses the tape measure, fly swatter, remote control, and he can never seem to find a pen or pencil. There’s also the problem of the screwdriver and hammer never being in the right place. I admit, with the grandchildren
having access to the toolbox, I really can’t put all the blame on him for the missing tools.
He never seems to be able to find a deposit slip, envelope, or postage stamp without help. I haven’t mentioned keys, because that’s the one item he can always find! Maybe he should just put all those other items with them. Hmmm…
The number one item he misplaces is his glasses. I have to wear glasses all the time, so I never lose mine. He only needs them to read and that’s where the problem begins. We have more pairs than I can count. Well…I could count them, if I could find all of them!
He keeps a pair in the truck. At his work. On the desk. In the bathroom. You’d think with all those locations, he would never be without a pair. Think again.
We go to a restaurant and I have to read the menu to him, as well as the ticket at the end of the meal. Reading a medicine bottle is out of the question. With recipes, it’s a different story. He loves to cook, so if he can’t read the directions, he improvises, creating a whole different problem.
I know it won’t be long until he will have to wear his glasses all the time and until then, I should be thankful for the memory he has. It could be worse. I recently heard the following story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Two old men were talking. The first man says, “My wife and I went to a restaurant last night and it was wonderful. I would highly recommend it.”
The second man says, “What was the name of it?”
The first man says, “Well…oh…oh…well, let’s see. Ahh…ahh…what is the name of that pretty red flower?”
The second man says, “Poppy?”
The first man says, “No, that’s not it. It’s the pretty red flower that smells good.”
The second man says, “Carnation?”
The first man says, “No, it’s the one with thorns.”
The second man says, “Rose?”
The first man says, “Yes, that’s it,” then looks over his shoulder and yells, “HEY ROSE! WHAT’S THE NAME OF THE RESTAURANT WE WENT TO LAST NIGHT?”
I really should be thankful.

TALKIN’ TWANG: My #Texas daddy always said, “I can tell you a thing or two ‘bout a thing or two.

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