Have you ever thought how difficult it is to come up with a name to use with a one-syllable last name?
Believe me, I’ve thought about it a lot. As many of you know, Ann Everett is only a pen name. My real last name is Ball. Think about that for a minute…
You would really need to be careful there. For the obvious reason, you wouldn’t want to go with Cannon or Crystal. You’d also need to steer clear of names like, April, May, or June, unless you wanted your kid going through life sounding like an event.
I recently read where a couple named their child Sweet Pea. Apparently, they didn’t remember junior high school, or perhaps they never attended one.
With each of my son’s four children, we faced the name dilemma and it got harder with each one.
We spent a small fortune on name books and hi-liters. We had exotic baby names, Hollywood baby names, Biblical, new age, Texas, southern,historical baby names.
Did you know there’s even a web-site where you can pay someone to name your baby for you?
With the third child on the way, I couldn’t get it off my mind. Since we knew they were having a girl, that narrowed our search. As I drove, I considered everything I saw. Applebee? No. Marriott? No. Harley? Definitely no. Raddison? Hmmm, maybe.
We asked the two older kids for advice. At the time, Caleb was three and he thought Diamond would be a good name. Reagan, 6, wanted to name her Arina. She thought it sounded like a princess. I thought it sounded like a football stadium.
In the end, they decided on Reese Caroline. I liked it.
In my upcoming book, YOU’RE BUSTING MY NUPTIALS, I have some crazy character names. Want to know where I get them? Many come from obituaries! Yep, I scour those things and keep a list of all the crazy Texas names. When I need one, I just pull it out and give a character a name to remember!

TALKIN’ TWANG: My Texas momma always said, “Wash down as far as possible, wash up as far as possible, then was possible.” #Southern #laugh-out-loud

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