The number one kitchen tool I can’t live without is my mixer. I have two mixers. An inexpensive hand held mixer and a somewhat costly stand mixer. The brand I have is Kitchen Aid®, but there are many on the market to choose from. If you bake a lot, a good stand mixer is a MUST. It will last for years, making the investment easier to live with.
As you can see, mine is plain white, but you can get them in all colors. They come in red, cobalt blue, even pink. I kinda wish I’d gotten a color, then baking would be more of a party!
Worth their weight in gold, are the attachments that come with it. If you make pies or any type of pastry, your life will be so much easier with a dough hook. It saves time and energy and goes a gazillion times faster than the manual pastry blender I used for years.
My sister, Sugarpie, blends her pie dough with a fork! Bless her heart.
Along with the dough hook, a paddle and a regular beater are usually included with the mixer. The paddle is great for mixing cookie dough and cakes. The wire beater is used for whipping such things as icing or egg whites.
In my next post, I’ll be twangin’ about a certain type of rolling pin that makes me happy every time I use it…and I’m not talking about hitting my husband with it! (anyone born after 1970, won’t get that joke)
If any of you have a favorite kitchen tool you can’t live without, let me know. Maybe it’s one of my favorites too!

Talkin’ Twang for today: When a cowboy’s too old to set a bad example, he hands out good advice #Texas.

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