Have you ever thought about how important a kiss is? Well, let me tell you, according to statistics, Kisses are VERY important.

A Kiss with the right person can increase your heart rate to a hundred beats a minute. You can burn at least three calories or more per kiss, depending on how long it lasts. And, according to Psychology today, women will end a relationship if a man is not a good kisser!

Kissing has also been shown to affect the stress hormone, cortisol, lowering it in both genders.

The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Actually, a hundred times more sensitive than your fingertips.

If you bring in some tongue action, you use all thirty-four muscles in your face. Not only is it good for you because of the muscle exercise and burning calories, turns out, men live longer if they kiss their wives each day.

“The Science of Romance,” by Jeffrey Kluger, states a gene (MHC) is present in saliva, and with kissing, women’s subconscious picks up on their partner’s MHC, and determines if it’s compatible with her own. If it’s different, they are more likely attracted to that person.

Who knew kissing would be a way to gauge attraction biologically? According to everything I’ve read, kissing is much more important to women than men.

So while men view kissing as “uptown shopping for downtown business,” for women, it plays an important part of mate selection.

So, the moral of this story for men is, perfect that pucker, super-charge that smooch, Kick up the heat on that kiss, because for women, everything else depends on it.

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