I went to see Magic Mike yesterday and I’ve gotta say I was somewhat disappointed. Having been an audience member, on more than one occasion, of the first male strip club in Dallas, LaBare, I guess I was expecting the same format.

Boy, the interaction between the dancers and women has certainly changed over the years! Back in the eighties, the strippers danced on stage and on tables. In Magic Mike, they went into the audience, or invited women up on stage and got “in their face” gyrating up close and personal! Kinda a big turn-off for me.

That’s not the only thing about the movie I didn’t like. I’m a big fan of Matt Bomer, who plays one of the dancers and he, along with all the other supporting cast, only had ten lines or less of dialogue!

The movie concentrated on Channing Tatum, who plays a thirty-year-old stripper with a dream of becoming a furniture maker. He’s been saving for years to make his dream come true, then he takes “The Kid” (Alex Perryfer) under his wing because he sees some potential in him.

There was nothing about “The Kid” I liked. He threw away a football scholarship because he got into a physical fight with the coach the first day of practice. He’s drifting through life with no idea of where he will end up.

He gets mixed up with selling drugs, loses them, then Mike uses ten thousand dollars of his “dream” money to pay the dealers off. Whut??? I’ve got relatives I wouldn’t do that for, much less some random person I’ve known for a few weeks!

I will give props to Channing Tatum’s dancing ability. He was fantastic and his body ain’t bad either. Also, Matthew McConaughey shines as the club owner.

As a big fan of “True Blood” I also enjoyed seeing . . . and I do mean seeing Joe Manganiello.

If you’ve never been to a male strip club, I’d highly recommend Magic Mike. You’ll get all the benefits and not spend your kid’s lunch money on tips!

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