Hello Everyone and Happy Cyber Monday!!

I know you’re all sitting at the computer getting those orders in, so take a minute and click on this link: http://theediblebookshelf.blogspot.com/2012/11/new-book-youre-busting-my-nuptials.html

and read my guest post on my friend DelSheree’s blog. She is Wonder Woman. She blogs, writes novels, goes to school, and has a family to care for. She is one busy lady and I appreciate her featuring my latest book on her blog.

While you’re there, you may want to subscribe to her blog, because she features many new and first time authors. It’s a great place to read book reviews and get excerpts from those she features.

I didn’t advertise it on her blog, but if you go there and leave a comment about my posting, one lucky winner will receive a free book from me…signed of course. So head on over there and tell your friends!!

NOW…check back here tomorrow because I’m going to post all the title suggestions I’ve received so far…for the third and final book of my Tizzy/Ridge Trilogy.

3. ??????????????????????????

If you haven’t entered a title, please do so by emailing me or leaving it in your comment here on my site. You can read the first chapter by clicking “contest” in the menu above.

The story will involve the girls from my graduating class…all 15 of them. It will also include animals…some dogs, a bird, and who knows what else??

I hope you’ll enter!!

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