Have you visited the site http://iwl.me/? It’s a fun thing to do. You copy and paste a sample of your writing into their box, then click analyze and in a few seconds, you’ll get a message telling you what author your style most resembles.

Okay, so I did it and here are my results. First, I entered the romance story I’m currently working on, TELL ME A SECRET. My style came up as a match to Dan Brown.

According to: http://nickmomrik.com/2004/06/11/dan-brown-writing-style/
Dan’s style is short chapters…check. Bits of history blended into the plot. Check.
Story takes place in a short amount of time. Check. Good character development. Hopefully check. Suspense. Check.

Then, I entered my first published novel, LAID OUT AND CANDLE LIT. Seems the writing style in it matched Isaac Asimov.

Asimov’s novels are pleasant reading. You won’t need to cuddle up with a dictionary to get through an Asimov book. His characters are usually well defined and his storylines are well thought out. Asimov was a perfectionist and would try to correct any discrepancies that he created in his previous works.**Well, seems like Isaac and I do have something in common. I just finished RE-editing my second novel, because I found too many things I wanted to re-do!! Asimov writing style source: http://www.futurefiction.com/Isaac%20Asimov.htm#style

Okay, two entries, two different authors, so I decided to go for a third try to get a match. I entered text from my second published novel, YOU’RE BUSTING MY NUPTIALS. Surprise! Now my style proved to be like H.G. Wells.

The writing style of H.G. Wells in some of his novels called scientific romances tended to minimize the role of individual heroes, took an evolutionary perspective, and held a bleak view of the future. – See more at: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-writing-style-did-h.g.-wells-use#sthash.x5r3Krlv.dpuf

I guess the opening scene in YBMN, has a bleak view of the future because the groom doesn’t show up for the wedding!!

Why not try a short story? My award winning THE FIVE SENSES, seemed a good choice. Guess what? That style is most like Margaret Mitchell.

Mitchell had a very set idea on what her style of writing should and should not be, as she said, “I sweat blood to make my style simple and stripped bare.” http://www.researchhistory.org/2012/06/30/the-writer-margaret-mitchell/

So, my conclusion…Ann Everett’s writing style is like, Ann Everett! I’ll bet if you put in several samples of your work, you’ll come up with the same results. There’s a little bit of a lot of different authors in all of us!!

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