We all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s also Domestic Violence Awareness Month and National AIDS Awareness Month, along with National Crime Prevention Month, all worthy causes for attention. And although the month is almost over, I thought readers might be interested in some of the lesser known subjects we celebrate during October.

Since this is the month of Halloween, it’s only fitting for this to be Bat Appreciation Month, because All Hallows Eve is probably the only time Bat’s get some of the spotlight. Unfortunately, they have to share it with Feral Hogs and squirrels, because it’s also Feral Hog Month and Squirrel Awareness Month…not to be confused with Squirrel Appreciation Day which occurs in January. What’s up with Squirrels that they get a month AND a day? Even the groundhog doesn’t get that and he determines how long a season will last!

Some of my favorite October celebrations include food. Eat Country Ham Month, National Chili Month, National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, and Rhizomes and Persimmons Month. Call me Redneck Stupid. I had to look up rhizome to find out what I should be celebrating. Turns out, according to http://www.staceyreid.com/news/?m=201310, it’s a root. An example would be ginger root. Of course if you live in Texas, you know Persimmon is a fruit. Why someone decided to call attention to these two unrelated things is beyond me, other than the fact they rhyme. Root and Fruit. With that observation, it’s a good time to mention, it’s also National Sarcastic Awareness Month.

One of my favorites is National Toilet Tank Repair Month. So, if you’ve been putting that job off, you only have a few days left to repair and celebrate at the same time.

I’ll end with Self-Promotion Month. Hey, I’m all for that. I have two books published. LAID OUT AND CANDLE LIT and YOU’RE BUSTING MY NUPTIALS. The links are below. Please buy my books and make me rich…there, I self-promoted and celebrated being sarcastic.

http://amzn.to/RnxiDS  LAID OUT AND CANDLE LIT



Feel free to leave a comment about something you celebrate in October



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