I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! I did. I gained the average three pounds articles claimed I should. Now, I just have to lose it in time to gain it back during Christmas!

Now for the December Observances. Other than Christmas, it’s a slim month in the awareness business. But, I did find at least one that I thought was pretty dang funny…Awareness Month of Awareness Months Month! How crazy is that?

Along with being aware of the months, it’s also National Tie Month and Write a Business Plan Month.

In the food department, it’s Quince and Watermelon Month. Gee, I thought watermelons would be celebrated in the summer. Add to those, Root Vegetables, Exotic Fruits, Tomato, and Winter Squash Month.

Moving to another subject, if I can make myself do it, I’m going to post some gift ideas you may want to consider for Christmas. I’m certainly not as good as Pinterest…and if you haven’t tried that site, you should…but be prepared to spend some time there. It’s addictive. Once you start looking at everything, you can’t stop! Anyway, here are my first suggestions:

For the hard to buy for child…why not buy tickets to the Children’s Theater in Dallas or your area. I did this for my daughter when she was about ten. I bought season tickets and we got to spend a Saturday mom and daughter day each month for several months…plus, we saw some great productions. The tickets aren’t as expensive as you think.

For a hard to buy for friend: If you have a friend who has lost a parent or loved one, why not give a gift of remembrance. I know every church I’ve ever been a member of, displays poinsettias at Christmas, where members can purchase one in honor of memory of someone. Remembering or honoring a loved one is such a special thing.

I hope you’ll check back for more gift ideas. If you have one you’d like to share, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Happy Holidays!!

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