Just today I was watching Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family show and they offered a great gift idea I’d never heard of. There is a website where you can go give an animal depicted in the manger scene…goat, sheep, donkey to families in need. One goat provides milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. You can give one animal or one of each. I think prices range from $75 up to $548, depending on the number of animals you give.

This would be a great way to honor someone on your gift list. You can give the animal/animals in honor or in memory of someone. AND, I understand the recipients can be in the United States as well as other countries.

The website is http://www.WorldVision.org/Gifts
The site also has gift items you may purchase, handmade by families who have received animals in the past. Such a great idea!!

On a much smaller scale, but still meaningful, is to consider giving a memory book. Have family members write special memories which involved the recipient and make them into a booklet. We did this for my parents on their 60th wedding anniversary. It was just as special to those of us who read the stories told by other relatives, as it was to add our own. It’s also a great way to preserve some family history.

I hope one of these gift ideas hits home with you.


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