Okay, I should be good at suggestions for teacher gifts. I was a school secretary, after all, so that should make me somewhat of an expert. NOT. I will tell you what teachers don’t like…anything with apples on it. Usually because they have a closet full of that stuff. If they’ve been teaching for very long, the apple/teacher connection has been overdone.

What they do love are…gift certificates for restaurants, spa treatments, manicure and pedicure gift certificates, even movie passes.

If your teacher happens to be a coach, how about giving him.her tickets to a professional sporting event. I’m sure he or she has a favorite team, so find out which one it is and send them to a game. If you don’t want to do a sporting event, why not find out who one of their favorite musical personalities and search when that star will be performing close enough you could furnish tickets for their concert or club appearance. If the price is more than you want to spend, then get a co-worker to go in with you.

For male or females, find out if they collect any particular item and add to their collection. Perhaps they like antiques or old books. You can find many inexpensive collectibles at local antique malls.

Maybe they’ve been wanting to take a pottery or art class. Giving one lesson might be just the thing to get them going. Sometimes all they need is a little push.

Oh, and let’s not forget food items. I had a teacher who gave me tamales at Christmas and since I couldn’t make them, that was a great gift for me. Who doesn’t like baked or home cooked gifts? Be sure and include a copy of the recipe if it is one you choose to share.

And when in doubt…always remember, everyone loves cash!!

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