This is a game my Sunday school class played a few years ago. We took the word Christmas and each of us drew a letter and bought a gift that started with that letter. Now, if you have more than nine members in your class, you could use Christmas time, or Christmas season, or any other combination of greetings.

But I’m going to make suggestions for doing this for a spouse, love interest, or family member. You could give them a gift a day for the nine days prior to Christmas. It’s romantic and special.

Get creative.

C could be a deck of Cards, that you’ve pasted messages on…52 reasons I love you. (That’s also a good idea for Valentine’s Day and works for man or woman.) Of course, you can always go with Candy or Cash….but what about a China serving dish, or a Charm bracelet? What about a Cell phone, Camera, Computer, Cookbook, or something Cashmere?

For the man in your life, it could be any Car accessory, Cooking tool for the grill, or that golf Club he’s been wanting.

Hotel reservations for a week-end get-away will work for H and both genders. What about a Hunting trip or if he or she has a certain Hobby, furnish supplies for that. I’ve always wanted a Brahmin Handbag…but I’m too cheap to buy one, so maybe someone on your list wishes for a certain brand, but won’t splurge for it. OR Hire Help for either doing the yard or cleaning the House. Man, I’d sure like a House cleaning service!!

R could be for any type of Reading material…a magazine subscription or a book by his favorite author. (Come on now…you knew I’d work books in here somehow) What about giving something Red…a Corvette would be nice. You could also do something Remote controlled, Roller skates, a Racquet for either Racquetball or tennis…or a membership to a Racquetball club.

I could be any of those i things…iPad, iPhone, ipod..or covers for them. Maybe a gift card to an Ice cream parlor, or tickets to an Island…or there’s always Intimate wear…that would please the giver as well as the receiver!!

Perhaps something Silk, Satin, Silver, or Sapphire for the letter S. One year my sister gave Silver letter openers she’d had made from the knives of our grandmother’s Silver…such a lovely keepsake! Maybe a Sled for the kids in your life..or practical Slippers..or an extravagant Shopping Spree…more for your money after the holidays! Something we gave two of our older grandkids was a bowling ball with carrying case. They loved them and at the time, bowling was one of their favorite Sports…so it would work for S.

T is a hard one…maybe something to do with Tennis, Trading cards, or Tunes.

Lots of possibilities for M. Merlot…Movies…MP3 player…Mug with asst. of tea, coffee, or chocolate. Anything Monogrammed and how about some of those cute personalized M&Ms?

Last on the list is the letter A. Consider some Artwork…either bought or done by a family member or child. Something Antique…and if it’s passed down from a family member, all the better. A handmade Afghan. And of course…another book by a favorite Author! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!!

I hope some of these suggestions have gotten you to thinking outside the box…and I hope you’ll soon be done with your shopping, if you’re not already.

Happy Holidays!!

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