TMASeBook  As a member of Goodreads Read4Review group, I offered some advance reading copies in return for honest reviews of Tell Me a Secret. Here’s one that I really like. Thank you, Eva for such a kind review!

TELL ME A SECRET releases August 26th!! Be sure and get your copy on release day.


*****ARC Copy supplied for honest review*****

Wow, this has got to be one of the best story’s I’ve read all year. The story starts off with Maggie, a smart graduate student being asked to tutor Jace, the star football player and typical playboy. She’s a no nonsense, not easily affected kind of fir who finds Jace’s lifestyle and lack of respect for other peoples time irritating.

Maggie was picked to tutor Jace for a dual purpose but one of the purposes gets pushed to the background when Jace starts falling for her and all bets are off.

This book has two parts, which was a good idea instead of doing two different books. The second part is when all the secrets start to come together. I was not expecting the tragedy and stubbornness that followed but it was very engrossing and I loved it.

I was very pleased with the way Ms. Everett tied all the ends together in such a way that we were made to think about how, who and why of the whole story.


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