I took part in a webinar this week on “What Successful Websites Should Have.”  Your website is your constant marketing tool. It’s where you display your books everyday without competition! So why not make it the best it can be?

It’s here that I can share with the world my book, “Tell Me a Secret” recently made it into the top 100 on Kindle, without any free or reduced price promotion!

Also my non-fiction book, “Strong Verbs Strong Voice” has remained #1 in the Kindle store… word lists and slang word category for 3 months! 

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In addition to author’s picture, book covers, and bio, you should have:

1. Buy links from all the outlets where your book is available…with one click access. Be sure to include ebook, print book, and audio book information!

2. All your social media links. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, and all those others you belong to...with share buttons. Make it easy for readers to share your blogs, photos, book information, etc.

3. email sign-up. This will help build your email list, so you can let readers know when you have breaking book news…giveaways, new releases, free offers, etc.

4.  Testimonials…either from important people or review sites, or simply from reviews your books receive on Goodreads or Amazon.

5. Contact information. Make sure you have your email address available so readers can keep in touch with you.


I have improvements to make to my own website!!


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