Not many romance books are written by men, but today on my blog, I welcome Adam Mann, who has written quite a few. Be sure and check out his work, and as always, remember to review books you read on Amazon. Reviews are important!!

I have worked for over 50 years as a sustainable development consultant for emerging economies in Africa and then Asia, but have now retired and live with my family in a mountainous area of Vietnam. In my retirement, I have published seven novels, and under my pen name, I have written another 32 romance novellas, some of which have been self-published.


Nobody loves like an Irishman!

By a sheer stroke of bad luck, Henry gets caught in a tropical storm whilst he’s swimming in the sea. He sensibly gets out of the water and finds shelter in a beach house, and a few moments later is joined by an equally sodden rain drenched lady.
Felicity is cold and wet and she has nothing dry to wear so she asks Henry to hold her so that they can both benefit from their body warmth until the rain subsides.
The story is set in South East Asia and culminates in modern day Singapore, but the note above is only the start of a very long story…



The rain had not abated. Henry looked around and saw another figure struggling through the storm, and moving toward him. As the figure approached, he realized it was a female wearing a sodden straw hat and thin gossamer shawl also saturated. He held out a hand to help the woman climb the steps to the verandah, and noticed she was wearing only a bikini under her shawl.
“Thanks,” she acknowledged in English.
She took off her wet hat and dropped it on the floor. She had wet hair, and the color wasn’t distinguishable. Her thin shawl clung to her body and barely covered her dark blue-green bikini.
She shivered and took off the shawl looking around her, just holding it in her hand.
“Do you live here?” she asked.
“No,” he replied, “like you, I’m sheltering from the rain.”
“But you’re just as wet as me,” she smiled at him.
“I was swimming in the sea when the deluge started.”
“That’s what I was planning to do.” She smiled again and shivered. “Don’t you have a towel?”
Henry pointed to his towel still covering his haversack on the floor and picked it up to wring it out. He draped the towel over the handrail just out of the rain.
He reached for her hand, and they moved together, just touching one another, but she shivered again looking up at him.
“Is there anyone here?” she insisted looking at the door.
He shook his head; “Bolted on the inside.”
They moved a bit closer, and immediately their bodies responded. Her wet skin had been cold, but now it warmed a bit. She looked up at him again. “My name’s Felicity.”
“Hi, Felicity, I’m Henry.”
She turned to face him putting her arms around his waist and stood like that for several minutes.
“If I take off my bra will you promise to behave?” she smiled again, “it’s uncomfortable when it’s wet.”
He looked down at her and could see her drying hair was probably an auburn color, not so long and just down to the shoulders.
“Unclip it please, Henry,” she said.
He used both hands to undo the clip, so that effectively they now stood facing one another, and holding one another with both arms.
As the clip came undone, she moved away slightly so that the bra fell on the floor at their feet. There had not been any shoulder straps that he could see.
She wriggled a bit and looked up at him; “Thanks, that’s better.”
Her breasts were small, and her bra had been generously padded.
Henry took a deep breath. “Warmer?”
She smiled in reply, having to put her head back to look at him.
He could feel her warmth through his swimming trunks.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I’m staying at a Rest House on the cliffs.” He nodded toward the headland at the end of the beach.
“I’m staying with some friends in town, but we couldn’t agree on what to do this morning, so I came here alone, and then the rain started,” she offered an explanation.
Shorter than Henry, he placed his hand on her waist, then slid it lower to her bottom.
“Wow,” she breathed, and laughed, “definitely warmer now!”



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