I never planned to write books. But I’d always been told I had the gift of gab, so when an uncle suggested I put pen to paper after “gabbing” about an incident in the cemetery, I thought…why not?

I never dreamed of getting published. My plan was to write short stories and enter contests. However, when I started my first tale, before I knew it, I had over 25,000 words and wasn’t finished. Apparently, my gift of gab translated to the written page!

I joined a writing website to get critique and one of my readers recommended I submit my book to a small press publisher in her area. On a whim, under my pen name, I did.

I didn’t expect to hear from those folks, but after submitting via internet, later that night, my phone rang and a man on the other end said, “Ann?” “You must have the wrong number,” I responded. To which he replied, “You’re not Ann Everett, the author?” My voice elevated a couple of octaves. “Yes, yes, I am. It’s just no one has ever called me that!”

I can’t believe I’ve slept with so many men! Okay, in fiction, that’s what we call a hook, just to keep you reading! Now that I have your renewed interest… on with the story. The small press publisher wanted my first novel, Laid Out and Candle Lit! And since I had an idea for two more books using the same characters, I signed a three year contract.

I learned a lot during in those years, so when my contract ended, I didn’t renew. But I am forever thankful for the experience. I took back the two books they’d published, along with three more I’d written, and jumped feet first into self-publishing.

I am sincerely grateful for the support and kind words I get from readers. Even though I didn’t plan a career in writing, it has become one of my greatest passions.

I live on a small pond in Northeast Texas, with my wonderful husband along with Tizzy and Ridge, my two marbled tabbies.

I love hearing from readers and personally answer every email. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so I invite you to join me there and sign up for my newsletter here.

I’ve won some awards but I know you’d much rather hear the juicy stuff, so here it is. I’ve been married to the same man since dirt, but always introduce him as my “current” husband. I don’t want him to get too comfortable in that role! :+) I love shopping at thrift stores, because nobody loves a bargain more than me. I don’t remember my first kiss. Maybe hypnosis would help. I hate talking on the telephone…so don’t call. A really sharp pencil makes me happy…part of my OCD. I secretly want to get a tattoo. Shh…don’t tell anyone. I write under pen name, Ann Everett, because I think my real name, Pattie Ball, sounds like something you’d order at a concession stand. (Ann is my middle name. Everett is my husbands.) A charter member of National Honor Society in high school remains one of my proudest moments….I still can’t figure out how that happened. I’m thankful wrinkles aren’t painful.

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