As we get older, many of us make a bucket list. Actually, I’ve made lists all my life. Grocery lists, cleaning lists, social event lists, school lists…and the lists go on and on!

Lists are important. Just today I saw an article on the cover of a magazine that read, “Thirty Things to do Before You’re Thirty.” I’m a little late for that one to do me much good.

As a writer, I have lists for story ideas, character descriptions, gags I want to include in the next book, and names I want to use.

This is what I know. I’ve made lists for so long, I can’t function without them. Naturally, I have a list for subjects I want to blog about. (I made that list just today)

A few days ago, my daughter came for a visit and told me about a list her daughter, Clara, had made.

Clara is five. She told her mother she had three things on her list and once she learned those three things, she’d know everything.

Number one—learn how to climb a tree.
Number two—learn to ride a skinny bike
Number three-learn how to open door knobs that
have those plastic things on them.
(child safety locks)

Clara’s list got me to thinking. Her list consisted of things she WANTED to learn.

Most of my lists are things I’m obligated to do, even the writing lists. I love to write, but once I got published, it became more of a job than a joy…at least some days it is.

Do you make lists? Wouldn’t it be great if we had a list of only three items and once completed, we’d know everything? What three items would it be for you?

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