Strong_Verb_copy                   First pinterest verb post

 As many of you know, I spent the summer getting my books ready to go on Amazon and other retailers under my ownership. My three year contract with my publisher expired, and I chose to try the “indie” route  of publishing.

The years I spent with Grey Gate Media, were great and I learned a ton. So I will always be grateful for that.

 Self-publishing was quite an experience. And as the saying goes, if I’d known then what I know now…well, I might not have attempted it. But, another great  little saying is…ignorance is bliss and I was downright blissful a lot of days!!!

Anyway, it’s done and all the books are now available. The one I’ve been marketing the most is my New Adult Romance, TELL ME A SECRET,  and my efforts have paid off. So far, it’s been doing well surprisingly in the UK moved up in rankings there to #21.

With that bit of success, I now need to add other books to my marketing plan. Today, I’m featuring my non-fiction reference book, STRONG VERBS STRONG VOICE.

It’s a handy little guide for replacing weak verbs with stronger choices. In it, I list 27 commonly used words such as look, run, hit, said, etc. and offer better selections.

I use it myself every time I write. It’s a great resource especially for “newbie” writers, as well as experienced ones.

It’s available in print and ebook. See it and all my other books at:


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