I never thought I’d be willing to sign another publishing contract. However, after researching the Kindle Scout Program, I decided to submit my latest book for consideration.

They are the first publishing company I’ve found that has a marketing plan in place for the novels they publish. And since I spend a LOT of time marketing, that appealed to me.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the program, I’ll give you a broad overview.

Submit directly to them. If chosen, receive a $1500 advance. Editing provided. They market within Amazon and other places. 50/50 royalty split. Must sign a 5-year contract.

You must also commit to 45 days during which time your book is placed in the nomination section for 30 days. Then, the Scouts have two more weeks following the campaign to decide if they want to offer you a contract.

According to authors I contacted, their advance “earned out” during the first few months.

Even if your book gets tons of nominations, there is no guarantee it will be accepted into the program. One author had a successful campaign with 2400 nominations but still didn’t get an offer of publication.

The nominating process is to get the attention of the Scouts, but if your book needs too much editing, or the story isn’t good, or if it’s a subject they don’t find marketable, then regardless of the nominations, you probably won’t get accepted.

That brings me to my pitch. I have fourteen days remaining in my campaign and need your vote. Please go to the URL below and nominate Chirp. It will mean the world to me.




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