Talk Like Shakespeare Day!

Do you think you’d like to talk like Shakespeare? No? Well guess what…you probably already do. Did you know he invented over 1700 words? Well, he did by changing nouns to verbs, verbs to adjectives, putting words together, and adding prefixes and suffixes. Now and then, he came up with an original word.

No doubt if he were alive today he would have been the first to change Google to a verb. I got all this info by googling it!

So, if you’ve used words like blushing, eyeball, bump, hobnob, skim milk, frugal, and elbow, you’re talking like Shakespeare!

For a list of his invented words, go here:

Here are a few more facts you might not know about Big Willie.

There is no evidence of his birthday, but it is celebrated today, April 23rd. It is also the day of his death in 1616, at age 52.

He married at age 18 to an older woman, Anne Hathaway, who was three months pregnant.

During the years of 1585-1592, there is no record of where he was. They are known as the “lost years.”

Although successful, he wasn’t revered until after his death.

His bestselling work while alive was his erotic poem, Venus and Adonis.

The next time someone complains about how hard it is to read Shakespeare, remind them if not for him, we wouldn’t have great words like circumstantial, lackluster, negotiate, swagger, and puking!

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