Today, I welcome author, Tina Holland to my blog. Let’s get to know her better through the five questions she chose to answer.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
 Maine - I’ve been there to visit a number of times and it feels like home to me. 

 What makes you laugh?
 My husband. He cracks me up, I can’t imagine life without him. 

 What is your favorite thing to do during your spare time…besides writing?
 I love to travel. I’ve been thinking about travel writing when I finally surrender my day job. 

 What is one of your favorite quotes?
 “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” ~Madelin Albright. I think this resonates as an author that we should support other authors in this business of writing romance and helping people grow. Give back if you will. 

 Do you belong to a critique group?
 I belong to a local Critique Group - Word Weavers, because over half our members work with Fibers. I’ve also had Critique Partners through RWA Online Chapter (Holli Winters) and most recently Writer Zen Garden an online Writer Group. I find critiques particularly helpful when writing a new genre or outside your comfort zone. While I’m good at some things, there are always areas to improve.


Tina Holland was born in Frankfurt, Germany and is now settled in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. She lives on a hobby farm and enjoys horseback riding, camping, traveling, and reading books by her favorite authors.
Tina has been published since 2005 and continues to release books as her schedule allows. Tina is a member of RWA Online, Writers Zen Garden, Nice Girls Writing Naughty, and the F-M Word Weavers.

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