Today, I’m featuring book blogger, Fiona Mcvie. She’s a single mum with 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren…so far. She was born in Germany due to her dad being in the Army.They moved around a lot until she was 12, when they settled in Scotland UK.

She works nights a care assistant in a care home. In her spare time, she blogs where she interviews authors. She loves reading and writing poems.

You can read her interviews at:

So let us get to know Fiona a little better.




         Welcome, Fiona!


If you could snap your fingers and make one thing happen, what would it be and why?

 Fiona: I would love to bring my dad back even just for a day to be able to let him know how much I love and miss him.
 ME: I'm right there with you. I was super close to my dad and I'd love to see him again.

 If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? 
Fiona: Honest 
ME: As an author, honesty is something I depend on when someone reviews my book or offers an opinion. That is a wonderful attribute.

 If you could change one thing about yourself, physical, mental, or emotional, what would it be and why?
 Fiona: I'm happy the way I am
ME: That is fabulous! So many of us would have a list a mile long. Good for you!! That sets a great role model for your grandchildren.

 If there was one person, real, fiction or fantasy, you could spend time with, who would it be and why?
 Fiona: I can't name just one person. I would love to meet all the authors I've interviewed over the years.
 ME: And I'd sure love to visit Scotland to meet you!

 What are the top three things on your bucket list?
 Fiona: Publish my poems even if just for my children to read. Go back to Germany to see where I was born. Again, meet the authors I've interviewed.
ME: None of these seem out of the question. They could happen...maybe not meet every single author you've interviewed, but you may meet some of them someday!

 What's the one thing you do every day that you enjoy the least, but do it anyway?
 Fiona: Iron my work uniforms.
 ME: Well, we don't agree here, because I actually LIKE to iron, I know. I'm crazy.

 What is your biggest fear?
 Fiona: Flying.
 ME: It may not be my biggest fear, but it's close. I have flown, but I hate it.

 What is one strong memory that has stuck with you since childhood?
 Fiona: Pillow fights with my dad. So fun!! 
ME: Sounds like your dad was quite the father. You're lucky to have such wonderful memories of him.

 Do you have any tattoos? If so, care to say what and where? 
 Fiona: Two.One on each of my upper arms.  A blue rose with the letters T and D (for Tara and David, my twins) and a heart with the word DAD. 
ME: I have none, but secretly would love to get one! Shh...don't tell anyone.

 Do you remember your first kiss? Care to elaborate?
 Fiona: I was 11 and it was with my childhood sweetheart in his garden, under a tree.
 ME: Sigh. I wish I could remember my first kiss, but I don't. It must not have been worth remembering!

 What is your favorite book and why? 
Fiona: I love all books, so no favorite.
ME: No wonder you're a book blogger!!

 Dog-eared pages or bookmarks?
 Fiona: Always bookmarks. I never dog-ear a book!

Thank you, Fiona!! And now for readers, you’re in for a treat. Fiona has shared one of her poems and her choice just goes to show how writing helps us express our most precious thoughts, opinions, and memories.

My Little Angel Above

My little angel above
My heart sinks when I think
That God took you away from me
At 12 hours old.
He must have something special for you
As it is just the good he takes
And I know your dad
will look after  you up there

I know you are looking down on me
From your angel cloud
But it does not stop me
being heartbroken

John-Andrew 24/12/1980–25/12/1980

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