In honor of Mother’s Day and Foster Care Month, I’d like to welcome, Carlene Singleton to share her journey. And such a journey it is! On this Mother’s Day, I hope you receive a blessing from her story. I’ll let Carlene tell you about it….


I would very much like to talk to you about our 40+ mostly black foster babies in Brandon, MS. The last 13 were severely handicapped by birth defects. My husband, children and I cared for a child with no brain, a child missing a chamber in his heart, one with severe cystic fibrosis. Nearly all had severe brain damage, and we learned how much each and every child on earth means to God. It is real, it all happened. One of my pediatricians wrote the foreword and another one wrote a blurb for the back cover. It doesn’t fit any Christian niche, and it takes the reader to where “the rubber meets the road.”

Interwoven with the factual information about the babies, are my journal entries that document my spiritual journey. The whole book is a testament to the power of God.


Blurb: That afternoon a call came from a social worker. A little black boy needed a foster home. He was eleven months old and had only half of his brain. He was spastic, quadriplegic, blind, couldn’t eat, had breathing problems and would probably die soon. As I stood there listening to her describe the poor child, I was thinking, “No, please, Lord, not another one so hard! Not so soon. Oh, Lord, I don’t want to…I don’t want to…

We Carry Gold relates the journey of one family in the exploration of faith, disability, race relations, and many more social issues. Relive Carlene’s experiences as she and her family embark on the challenge of providing foster care to special needs children. Her memories provoke deep thought and introspection. 

From prejudiced people to demonic activity, Carlene has seen first-hand the unfathomable love of God for all his children. A native Mississippian, Carlene Singleton has lived the Christian faith in all its reality. Along with her husband, Hamp, and their three children, the family fostered a rainbow of children, the last dozen being special needs. A nationally known advocate for all children, she has served on the board of Right to Life of Jackson, and the founding boards of Adoption Ministries of Mississippi and the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. She is a Bible teacher, advocate for special needs children on TV, radio and in newspapers, and speaks at conferences and Human Services events.

What people are saying about We Carry Gold

I doubt there is any physician of long experience who, if he is indeed honest with himself, has not witnessed a miracle. What happened to some of these children was truly miraculous, also miraculous was the love, patience, hope, and faith embodied in Carlene as she cared for these children.
My position as a physician was to supply the “conventional wisdom” and scientific skepticism about prognosis, but as a believer, I tried never to quash Carlene’s optimism. The stories are true; the author and I have witnessed these events and rejoiced in them. She is truly a servant of the Lord.

  Robert H. Thompson, M.D., former Chief of Pediatrics, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

This book is simply a graphic love story from a mother to her children and in my humble opinion, needs to be read by every responsible human on this planet. ~CollegeArtiston, Amazon reviewer

Amazing book! Love how it takes you through the experience of each child and how that child inevitably resulted in the family growing tremendously in Christ! Great read!~~Amazon Reviewer, Kendall/Kelly

This book was a gift to me. I find it to be a compelling recounting of a spiritual journey that many will find hard to believe. But if reading this does not make a “believer” out the the reader, then what will? Not only are the stories of these children both heart-wrenching and uplifting at the same time, but the writing itself is immaculate and written with flourish and a poetic air. This is a book for anyone with a mother’s heart. Read it expecting your faith to be deepened or cultivated. We Carry Gold is truly a triumph of the inter-workings of the Holy Spirit.~~Janet Taylor-Perry, author

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