Today on Five on Friday, I’m featuring Karla Brandenburg, contemporary romance writer and her award-winning paranormal Mist Series. She lives in Illinois and is a card carrying cookieholic. That give us a lot in common!


Lovely cover of The Twins, her latest release in The Epitaph Series. First, we’ll learn a little about the book, then about Karla as she answers her chosen Five on Friday questions!

Although she vowed never to go back, nurse Siobhan McCormick returns home after two family members have died and her brother’s life is threatened. Her new job introduces her to accident victim Jared Pierce, a man whose casual charm tempts her with the same bad decisions she made in high school.

Haunted houses don’t sell, and Jared Pierce’s family sends him from Louisiana to Illinois to make sure there aren’t any ghosts lingering in his great-aunt’s house. An accident on an icy road extends his visit from a few days to a few months.

Though the house is ghost-free when Jared arrives, a violent ice storm breaks apart a tree and releases the spirits of twin boys who were buried in the backyard. Temporarily disabled by his injuries, Jared needs his nurse’s help to give the ghosts peace. There’s only one problem. Siobhan doesn’t believe in ghosts. Will Jared earn her trust and affection or will Siobhan retreat into the safety of her job?

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Now for the questions:

If you could choose your last meal, and you weren’t in prison, what would it be?

Karla: TACOS! I had a boyfriend once who said, when I met him many years later, when I look at you I think tacos. Still my favorite dinner.

Ann: She may be from Illinois, but I think there might be a drop of Texan in her if she loves Tacos!!

 If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Karla: AIX-EN-PROVENCE. My husband and I went on an anniversary cruise in the Mediterranean and we had the best excursion in the south of France. I could imagine Belle from Beauty and the Beast wandering through the streets, I could envision ME shopping at the fresh market every day. Really a lovely place. 

Ann: That sounds so romantic…sigh.

 What is the most romantic thing a man/partner has ever done for you? Have you put it in a book?

Karla: I had surgery last summer, and my husband waiting on me hand and foot, helped me with all the things I couldn’t do for myself. He really was the best at-home nurse and he never complained. Just took care of me. I did use my experience in a book (THE TWINS), but no, I didn’t highlight all the romantic things my husband did for me.

Ann: Another thing we have in common…great husbands!!

What’s your favorite dessert?

Karla: I’m a cookieholic, so I’d go with the chocolate chip cookie—or something chocolate.

Ann: Chocolate chip is one of the few cookies I don’t like!! Such sacrilege. 

 How do you react to a bad review?

Karla: Obviously , o one likes when someone criticizes their hard work negatively, but I look it over and decide if there might be something in their comments I can learn from. By the same token, reading is highly subjective. I’ve had reviews from people who were clearly not my audience, and for those reviews, you understand that and don’t take it to heart. My choice is not to react, but to either learn from it or move on.

Ann: Excellent advice. Sometimes a bad review can actually boost sales. I had someone complain about the steamy scenes in one of my books, and I saw an upswing in sales the next few days!! How funny.


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BIG Texas thank you, Karla for taking part in my Five on Friday! Now, I think I’ll go have a cookie!!

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